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Pullela Gopichand - Biography ! Posted on 20 May, 2021

Pullela Gopichand (November 16, 1973, in Nagandla, India) is an Indian badminton player who won the prestigious All England men's singles badminton championship in 2001.
When Gopichand was a child, his family relocated to Hyderabad. He did not begin playing badminton until he was 11 years old, and he did so recreationally rather than competitively. Gopichand gradually started competing in local tournaments, and in 1991 he was named to his state's junior badminton team. At the age of 18, he claimed the junior national championship, and three years later, the men's national championship.
At the 1998 Commonwealth Games, Gopichand led Indian badminton to great heights, winning an individual bronze medal and assisting the national team to a silver medal. In the year 2000, Gopichand assisted India in reaching the Thomas Cup finals. In March 2001, Gopichand won the All England badminton championship, which was the pinnacle of his career.

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